What is an eco disposable paper cup

What is an eco disposable paper cup

The environmental protection paper cup is a paper cup that conforms to the modern environmental protection concept.disposable paper tea cups Because the paper cup is biodegradable, it brings convenience to people's lives and is deeply loved by consumers. Introduction of environmentally friendly paper cups. The environmental protection paper cup is a paper container made by machine processing and bonding of base paper (the base paper is made of bamboo pulp, wood pulp, bagasse pulp, etc.).paper package container eco friendly french fries cup The surface of the paper cup is covered with a nationally recognized special polyethylene film, which is not only heat-resistant but also used in high-temperature beverages.
The traditional paper cup has a waterproof lining to prevent the leakage of hot and cold beverages.pet lid wholesale This kind of lining is helpful, but it is also the reason why paper cups cannot be recycled or decomposed in landfills. These linings are made of petroleum, which is not a renewable resource and will not decompose. Biodegradable cups still have a waterproof lining, but they are made of bioplastics from corn, sugar cane or potatoes. These linings made from renewable resources can be broken down into earth-friendly compost that can enrich the soil.disposable kraft paper soup bowl for noodles The biodegradable cold cup is entirely made of these bioplastics. Bioplastics are easily degraded in industrial composting facilities and can then be used to feed the soil and increase the nutrients in the food grown on the farm.
Types of environmentally friendly paper cups
Paper cups are divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups.Single-sided PE coated paper cup: Paper cups produced with single-sided PE coated paper are called single-sided PE paper cups, which means: the water-filled paper cup has a smooth PE coating film inside; Double-sided PE coated paper cups: Paper cups produced with double-sided PE coated paper are called double-sided PE paper cups,wholesale bagasse cutlery which are expressed as cups with PE coating film on the inside and outside of the paper.
The advantages of environmentally friendly paper cups

Recyclable. The waste is easy to handle and recycle, saving resources.french fries cup It is easier to degrade than plastic products and is environmentally friendly. Lightweight and resistant to damage. Compared with glass bottle cups, paper cups are lighter in weight and there is no risk of damage.Good appearance. Custom printed logo paper cups for customers to choose. The personalized design makes the appearance more publicized.popcorn paper cup Hyde Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production of biodegradable disposable paper cups, bowls and lids, advocating the sustainable development of scientific and environmental protection. And we will always be consistent with contemporary environmental protection concepts.


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