Why Do People Wear Wrist Watches?

Each watch has a story to tell that goes beyond the time of day.

I recently had a conversation with a Tanzanian whom I greatly admired. He possessed a number of wristwatches. He would wear only one watch throughout the day and remove it completely at night. He explained that the habit was simply a reminder to him to spend his time productively.

The good man went on to say that each person only has one true possession at any given time. Some people have them for years, while others only have them for a few minutes.

I enjoy collecting timepieces. Unfortunately, it could be a costly hobby. The majority of people who appreciate the complexity or variety of watches own more than two watches. Each watch has a story to tell that goes beyond the time of day.

A Privilege

People do fear often they may miss out on something if they turn their phones off or leave it behind. This is also a clear indication of being immersed into a racket of useless chats, feeds, texts, and messages, which can be disturbing to the mind. 

Wearing a watch saves time while keeping us away from these cyber-crimes. A person can be a slave to technology or rebel against the machine.


Classrooms that do not allow mobiles will permit wristwatches. They are very important when testing - especially for board or entrance exams.


Wearing a sports watchwhile exercising makes more sense than carrying a phone. The Timex Ironman is still a reliable running accessory. Those who enjoy water sports such as scuba diving require a waterproof diving watch such as the DOXA pictured or the Seiko SKA371.

Status Icon

Some brands are recognised as expensive in the high-end watch market, while others are not well known to the general public as being expensive. The watch collector is aware that they are expensive, which speaks volumes about the owner.


For men, this is probably the only jewellery a gentleman can wear to express himself.


A reliable watch can be purchased anywhere, from online stores to shopping malls, for a few rupees to "you've got to be kidding me." It does not require an additional subscription regardless of where the watch is purchased.


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