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Writing up your case study

It is not easy for students to work on a case study as it requires detailed research, consideration, and sufficient time. A case study requires you to analyze a specific situation and describe how its different components relate to theory. Generally, a case study I formatted as a report or an essay. There are multiple approaches to a case study, so always check the instruction you have gotten from the instructor. You should write the case study in the following format:

  • Executive summary: First, you need to give a brief of the topic area of the report and outline the purpose of the case study.
  • Introduction: Summarize your task and briefly describe the case to identify its significance. Your introduction should be clear to your readers what you are going to discuss.
  • Findings: Identify and present the core issues and provide your reasoning for your choices like supporting your document with facts given in the case, the course concept, and relevant theory. Highlight any underlying problems.
  • Discussion: Summarize the major problems and identify alternative solutions to such problems. Illustrate each alternative solution where necessary.
  • Conclusion: Conclude by summing up the main points from the findings, recommendations, and discussion.
  • Recommendation: Select which of the alternative solutions should be adopted. Briefly justify your choice by describing how it will solve the major problems.
  • References: Compile all the references cited in the report and arrange them in a list in alphabetical order.
  • Appendices: Attach the original data that associate with your analysis if you have any.

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