Sharni Vinson returns to TV with reality show role

Sharni Vinson, once known for her role on "Home and Away," has been cast in a new reality television show.

Sharni Vinson, once known for her role on "Home and Away," has been cast in a new reality television show.

Between the years 2005 and 2008, the actress portrayed Cassie Turner on the soap opera. Cassie had a significant role in numerous key stories that addressed a variety of weighty subjects, such as being abused as a kid, being abused in the home, and coping with HIV.

Following her departure from the serial opera, Vinson moved to Hollywood and went on to feature in a variety of films, ranging from the comedy Step Up 3D to the horror picture You're Next.

Now, it has come to light that she will be making her way back to the screens of Australia in the upcoming show Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, which will make its debut on Channel 10 on January 30.
This season of Survivor comprises both returning castaways and newbies, and the competitors are divided into two tribes: heroes and villains.

Sharni is seen to be one of the heroes in a promotional video, in which she states that "Everybody knows that the hero always triumphs."

She also discusses how appearing in horror movies has provided her with important life lessons, and she reveals that people refer to her as a "scream queen." Will they find a use for her in their team?
It is interesting to note that one of the contestants competing on the villains' side is returning Survivor star Jordie Hansen, who is scheduled to wed a different former Home and Away star, Sam Frost. The couple has also announced that they are expecting their first child together very soon.

On the soap opera, Home and Away, it was recently revealed that rapper and actor Kyle Shilling will be joining the cast of the show in the role of newcomer Mali Hudson. Mali Hudson is a character that has ties to a Summer Bay local.

His initial moments have already been shown on Australian television, and the connection between him and a fan-favorite character has been made clear. If you are interested in gaining further knowledge, you may do it right here.

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