Promise Ring Styles for both genders

Rings are one of the most universal symbol of love, fidelity and commitment between two people. Of course, the one that is most recognizable is the wedding band. There are also other rings worth mentioning for example, the complicated promise rings.

What is the CoupleSets Promise Ring? How do you wear it?

The goal of the promise ring isn't so clear as an engagement ring or wedding ring. Also, it's not a common thing that leads to numerous questions such as where does a promise ring go? What is the best way to know the right time to give an engagement ring?

This article will provide answers to these questions and others, so you'll know the best time to present one to someone you love. Let's begin with the definition of a promise ring.

What is what is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a piece jewelry that is often used to signify the commitment of a couple to each other. This isn't just for relationships that are romantic. Ring exchanges for promise rings can occur between family and friends members.

Promise Ring Meaning

The promise rings signify the bond between two individuals to accomplish whatever they want. It is possible that the promise to be made through that is a ring is often done in a romantic manner.

The kind of commitment a promise ring represents can be different from couple to couple, making the meaning of these rings highly personal. For instance, some couples exchange promise rings in order to guarantee a future engagement after a specified time or event.

Promise rings and engagement rings are often mixed up with one another. But by definition, an engagement ring is a formal acceptance of the marriage proposal. Promise rings, on the other hand are more general in nature and are not legally binding.

When to Give A Promise Ring

Promise rings may not be as long-lasting or as serious as engagement rings but they should still be taken seriously. The common feature of both rings is that they symbolize a strong commitment. You should only give someone an engagement ring when you're ready to honor your promise.

Rings for promise are popular with couples who have never married but aren't ready to tie the knot yet. In this case, promise rings are a great way to prove their love for each other.

The design of the promise rings can be as different as the rings themselves, ranging from simple metal bands, to intricate jewelry that incorporates precious stones. As a general rule promises rings are less complicated in style to distinguish them from wedding or engagement rings.

Because they symbolize a commitment to love, different styles of promise rings for women often incorporate heart designs or love knots. Eternity rings, which are designed to symbolize love that will never end, are also popular choices.

Men's promise rings are typically simple, less elaborate and feature a metal band with no gemstones. Popular are quotes or messages that are engraved on the inside of the band.

Promise Ring FAQs

What finger does a promise ring go on?

Promise rings, unlike engagement rings and wedding bands, can be positioned on any finger. More often, though the standard promise finger for women wearing rings is located on the left, just as with any other rings. If the individual is engaged or married, the promise ring switches to the left hand to make room for the engagement and wedding ring.

How much is the cost of a promise ring?

When people want to buy a promise ring, one frequently asked question is "how much does a promise ring cost?"

The answer is: it's contingent on the purchaser. However, it's generally cheaper than an engagement ring because the market for promise rings are typically younger, with less money to spend. Price ranges from as low as $199 to around $2,000. The type of metal that is used to make the band or in any precious stones determines the price.

What's the difference between an engagement ring that promises to be a purity ring?

A purity ring could be described as a ring of promise that has a specific function. The wearer is not bound to a particular person, but rather to abstinence and the vow to remain "pure".

Parents often present purity rings to their children to remind their children of the importance of chastity.

Is a promise ring an engagement ring?

A promise ring could be seen as less formal, however it's still a an obligation. It signifies a wedding commitment, and the obligation associated with it. A rupture in an engagement is viewed as more serious than breaking the vow to wear a ring.

Promise Rings Need Not Be Expensive

A promise ring's main characteristic is the trust it symbolizes. It doesn't need to be expensive or embellished with expensive stones.

Moissanite makes a great design element for a promise ring. Not only is it sourced sustainably and without conflict, but it's equally striking and stunning as a real diamond. It's also a lot less expensive. Stop by today and begin searching for your perfect moissanite promise ring for your special someone.


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