Summer Solstice

Discover what Summer Solstice is and ways to honor nature and the Universe on this special day.

Summer Solstice

Today, June 20th, is Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. In days of old, it was celebrated upon because it marked a time of abundance. The crops that were started in spring begin developing in the bright summer months, creating a bountiful harvest now and in the fall. The yields from the harvest would sustain people into the dark winter months. 


Traditionally, large festivals were held where the attendees would light a large bonfire and feast on their plentiful crops and recently hunted meat.


Here are some things you can do to honor nature and the Universe on this special day:

  1. Sun bathe- Lie in the sun and reflect on your awesomeness, your badass-ness. Breathe in the warm, summer air.
  2. Summer is the season of fire, so reflect on the things you are passionate about and the things that light you up.
  3. Do a reading and/or connect with the metaphysical as energies are especially strong on this day.
  4. Light a fire or take a swim and invite others over (safely). Enjoy the day!
  5. Show your gratitude for nature at work and for all the wonderful things in you’re own life by enjoy the great outdoors and notating physically or mentally the things you're grateful for.

What do you like to do on Summer Solstice?

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