Is anti-blue light glasses useful for children's eye protection?

Q: Is it useful for children to wear anti-blue cheapest eyeglasses online when using mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products to protect their eyesight?

Q: Is it useful for children to wear anti-blue cheapest eyeglasses online when using mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products to protect their eyesight?


Professor Li Zhenping, Deputy Chief Physician of Ophthalmology, Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: For a long time to look at computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, the specific wavelength of blue light on the retinal lens is a certain amount of damage, some blue light glasses on the market is the specific wavelength of blue light shielding or reducing, indeed can reduce the damage to the macula and retina, for adults, it is recommended to use computers, mobile phones when wearing anti-blue glasses. However, it is not recommended for children in the visual development period, because the light is composed of different wavelengths of light, each wavelength of light can play a role in stimulating visual development during the key period of visual development, deliberately shielding one or several wavelengths of light stimulation, will cause abnormal development of visual function, may lead to some fusion or three-dimensional defects. Therefore, before the age of 12, children who are still in the development stage are not recommended to wear anti-blue glasses.


Q: Can eating more pork liver and goji berries reduce myopia?


Li Zhenping: Folk tradition has always believed that pig liver and goji berries are bright food, and it is good for children to eat them. Modern medical research shows that this is a certain theoretical basis.


Studies have shown that calcium, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin A are common nutrients needed for a child's eye development process. Zinc plays a role in maintaining the development of optic nerve during the development and formation of retinal choroid, and can maintain the function of nerve photoreceptor cells. Zinc content in our daily food is relatively rich, the most common zinc containing food is mainly Marine fish, seaweed, kelp and other seafood. The most zinc rich food on land is the liver of animals. In this sense, the appropriate supplement of the child's liver can indeed supplement zinc, which is conducive to the development of the eye, so the pig liver is indeed able to clear the eyes. And wolfberry, Chinese medicine thinks that its essence tonifying kidney brightening eyes; From the point of view of modern medicine, wolfberry is rich in carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron and other nutrients required by the eyes, and is also conducive to eye development.


However, it is not necessary to supplement the pig liver wolfberry can certainly improve the eyesight and reduce myopia. True myopia can not be alleviated, can only control and slow down the occurrence and development of myopia. Chinese medicine advocates the treatment of disease, modern medicine talks about early prevention and early treatment, myopia is the same. Children to prevent myopia, the diet of the first or pay attention to balance, you can supplement the right amount of calcium, zinc, vitamins A, B and carotene foods, while eating less sweets.

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