Whiteout Survival: Farming Strategy Guide

Farming strategies are crucial in Whiteout Survival for accelerating city progress and ensuring a steady resource supply. Learn how to optimize farming endeavors and establish a farm account for expedited accumulation and transfer of resources.

Farming Strategies in Whiteout Survival

In the world of Whiteout Survival, there are numerous exciting activities that offer generous rewards, particularly in the initial stages, enabling players to enhance their buildings and tackle more demanding challenges.

To truly elevate your gaming journey and guarantee a steady supply of resources as you advance your city to greater heights, the concept of establishing a farm account comes into play. This strategy guide is designed to provide insights on the creation of a Whiteout Survival farm account and how to optimize farming endeavors.

Essentially, a Whiteout Survival farm account serves as an alternate account established on the identical server as your primary game account. Its primary function is to expedite the accumulation of resources and transfer a substantial portion of them to your main account, thereby accelerating the city's progress.

There are two primary methods to establish a farm account in Whiteout Survival: by creating a secondary character or by setting up one or more additional accounts on the same server. Below, we will delve into the specifics of both approaches, offering comprehensive guidance on each.


To quickly create a farm account in Whiteout Survival, the most efficient method is to create a second character. By doing so, you can easily switch between the two characters with just a few clicks. However, it's important to note that this method only allows for a maximum of two accounts on the same server.

To create a second character, simply tap your avatar on the top-left corner, click on "Settings" located in the bottom-right corner, and then tap "Characters". From there, select "Create New Character" and choose the server where your main account is located (indicated by a user icon). After confirming, complete the tutorial for the newly created account.

While this method enables you to switch between two or more accounts, it does require additional effort as you not only need to switch between accounts but also create a second character for the new account, since the first account is initially created on a random server.


To create a new account in the game, you need to have a separate Google or Facebook account for each new account. Before creating the new account, make sure to note down the server number and the coordinates of the city where your main account is located on the map.

To link your new account with Google, tap your avatar on the top-left corner and click on "Settings". Then, click on the "Account" link and link your main account with Google. It is crucial to do this step. Next, tap on "Change Account" at the bottom of the linked method (in this case Google) and tap "Sign in with Google". You can create a new Google account or select any of your additional accounts. Play the mini tutorial until you have access to the settings menu. Create a new character using the same server number as your main account and continue playing until you reach at least level 5 to access the world map.

Once you reach level 5, you can teleport your new account using the methods provided.

You have the option to teleport your farm account closer to the main account by either joining the same alliance or not. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which will be described below.

Alliance Benefits and Resource Management

One effective method to bring your farm account closer to your primary account in Whiteout Survival is by enrolling both accounts in the same alliance. This allows for seamless coordination and support between the two accounts, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Once both your farm account and primary account are part of the same alliance, you gain the advantage of having two viable options at your disposal.


To relocate your city within your alliance territory, you have a few options available to you.

  1. Territory Teleport: Access the alliance menu icon at the bottom, click on territory, and then select the "teleport" option. This will require the use of an advanced teleporter.

  2. Alliance Teleporter: Alternatively, you can use an alliance teleporter directly from your backpack. This will relocate your city near your alliance leader, although you won't have the freedom to choose the exact location.

If you are unable to join the same alliance or there are no available member spots, you can utilize an advanced teleporter to freely choose any location on the map outside of another alliance's territory.

Pro Tip: Consider relocating your main account near the edge of your alliance territory to keep both cities in close proximity.

If you do not have an advanced teleport item, you can choose a spot near your main account, initiate the teleport, and pay the 4,000 gems price.


To transfer resources from your Whiteout Survival Farm account, raiding is currently the only method available. To do this, simply attack your farm account's city multiple times using your main account.

Before initiating raids, ensure that your farm account's barricade (wall) is at least level 3 to withstand multiple hits without the city being randomly teleported on the map. Additionally, remember to repair the barricade after a few hits to maintain its effectiveness.

Having a sufficient amount of resources is crucial before attacking your farm account. If you have a storehouse, ensure that you have unprotected resources. Utilize resource tokens from the backpack to achieve this.

To maximize the resources obtained from your farm account, refrain from upgrading the storehouse. Upgrading the storehouse increases the resource protection level, resulting in a larger amount of stored resources being protected from raids. Alternatively, you can choose not to have a storehouse at all, but this increases the vulnerability of your city to attacks from other players.

Resource buildings including the coal mine, iron mine, sawmill, and hunter's hut are vital for your farm account as they continuously produce resources for your city. Increasing their levels will allow you to accumulate a larger amount of resources over time.

Whiteout Survival Frost Star: Usage and Acquisition

Whiteout Survival Frost Star is the coveted premium currency in the game 'Whiteout Survival', used to acquire a plethora of items ranging from gems, resources, and speedups to hero shards and various manuals that bolster a player's progress and fortify their city. To obtain this valuable currency, players can visit game trading platforms where they can top up their account and purchase Whiteout Survival Frost Star, often benefiting from discounted deals to enhance their gaming experience efficiently.

Whiteout Survival Top Up on LootBar

For players looking to enhance their gaming experience in 'Whiteout Survival' by topping up Whiteout Survival Frost Star, the LootBar game trading platform presents a compelling option worth considering. This platform stands out by offering a global, professional, and secure service that caters to the needs of gamers from all corners of the world.

LootBar's advantages include a diverse array of services such as game top-ups, item trading, and more, all provided with professionalism and a focus on security. The convenience of 24/7 online customer service means that players have constant support whenever they need it. A variety of payment methods ensures that transactions are easy and accessible for everyone. Moreover, the platform's competitive pricing is hard to overlook; not only does LootBar offer regular promotions, but it also provides substantial discounts on Whiteout Survival top up s—discounts that can reach up to 5%. These thoughtful features make LootBar an excellent choice for gamers looking to get the most value out of their Whiteout Survival experience.

How to Top Up Whiteout Survival on LootBar

To effectively top up Whiteout Survival Frost Star, begin by navigating to the LootBar official website at https://lootbar.gg . Upon arrival, ensure that the appropriate language and currency type are selected for your convenience, then proceed to log in to your account. This is a crucial first step to ensure the top-up process is tailored to your regional and linguistic preferences.

Next, direct your attention to the top-up column on the site. From the list of options presented, select 'Top Up' and then choose 'Whiteout Survival' to specify the game you wish to top up. Once there, you'll need to decide on the amount of Frost Star currency you require. Input the amount, along with your unique Whiteout Survival UID, and click on the "Top-up now" button. Following this, choose a payment method that suits you best and confirm the transaction by clicking the "Pay Now" button. After your payment is successfully processed, the Frost Star top-up will be credited to your Whiteout Survival account, allowing you to continue your gaming adventures without interruption.



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