Honor of Kings: Hua Mulan Strategy Guide

Hua Mulan is a warrior with high mobility and multiple control skills in Honor of Kings. She can quickly switch forms on the battlefield, perform powerful bursts, and flexibly harvest.

"Honor of Kings" is a multiplayer online tactical competitive game. Since its launch on November 26, 2015, it has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The game combines multiple elements such as real-time strategy, tower defense, and role-playing, providing players with a rich and diverse gaming experience.

Game Background
The background of "Honor of Kings" is set in an imaginary fantasy world. Players will play different hero roles and team up with other players to fight. Each hero has unique skills and positioning, such as warriors, mages, assassins, shooters, assistants, and tanks. Players need to choose the right hero to fight according to the needs of the team. If you also like to play games, mmowow items are a good choice.

The game is mainly divided into multiple battle modes such as 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1. The most popular is the 5v5 King's Canyon mode. Players need to kill enemy heroes, soldiers, and defense towers, and finally destroy the enemy base to win. Each game usually takes about 15-30 minutes. Players need to make strategic layouts and real-time operations in a short period, which tests teamwork and personal skills.

The following is a guide for Hua Mulan in Honor of Kings:

1. Hero positioning and characteristics

Hua Mulan is a warrior hero with two combat forms, light sword form and heavy sword form. She has high mobility, high burst, and strong control ability. She can flexibly switch forms on the battlefield and pose a huge threat to the enemy's back row.

2. Skill analysis

1. Light sword form

- Passive skill: Hua Mulan's movement speed is increased in light sword form, and the general attack and skill damage will stack marks on the enemy. Full 5 layers of marks will trigger silence and deceleration effects.

- Skill 1: Hua Mulan charges in the specified direction. If the target is hit, it can be used again within 5 seconds.

- Skill 2: Hua Mulan throws a dagger in the specified direction. The dagger rotates at the endpoint, causing damage and deceleration to enemies in the range for 3 seconds.

- Skill 3: Hua Mulan switches to heavy sword form, causing damage to nearby enemies and increasing attack power.
2. Heavy Sword Form

- Passive Skill: In heavy sword form, Hua Mulan's normal attack causes extra damage, but the attack speed is reduced. During the use of skills, she is in a dominant state and gains a 50% damage reduction effect.
- Skill 1: Hua Mulan charges on the spot. The longer the charge is charged, the higher the damage. Hitting the enemy will be knocked away for a short time.
- Skill 2: Hua Mulan slashes four times in a row in the specified direction, causing damage and knockback to enemies within the range.
- Skill 3: Hua Mulan switches to light sword form, causing damage to nearby enemies and increasing attack speed.

III. Inscription Matching

Red: Mutation 10 (Physical Attack +2, Physical Penetration +3.6)

Blue: Stealth 10 (Physical Attack +1.6, Movement Speed ​​+1%)

Green: Eagle Eye*10 (Physical Attack +0.9, Physical Penetration +6.4)

This set of inscriptions provides high physical attack and physical penetration, enhancing Hua Mulan's damage output ability in the early and mid-term.

4. Recommended equipment

1. Boots of Resistance: Reduce the time of being controlled and improve survivability.
2. Shadow Axe: Provides physical attack, cooldown reduction, health, and physical penetration, and is one of Mulan's core equipment.
3. Ominous Sign: Increases health and physical defense, and passively reduces the attacker's attack speed and movement speed.
4. Witch Cloak: Provides spell defense and health, and the passive shield can effectively resist spell damage.
5. Star Crusher: Further increase physical penetration and increase damage to enemy tanks.
6. Famous Sword·Si Ming: Immune to fatal damage at critical moments and increased life-saving ability.

5. Combo skills

1. Basic combo (light sword): 2-1-1-3-2-1-1

- First use the second skill to slow down the enemy, then use the first skill to advance twice to silence, then switch to the heavy sword form, use the second skill to push people, and use the first skill to charge and output.
2. Quick Silence Combo (Light Sword): 1-2-1

- Use the first skill to charge and then use the second skill to instantly stack the mark and silence.
3. Heavy Sword Combo: 1-Flash-1

- Use the first skill to charge and then flash, which can attack the enemy unexpectedly.

VI. Practical Gameplay

1. Early Stage: Mulan is relatively weak before level 4, and should try to avoid confrontation with the enemy. You can use the second skill of the light sword to clear soldiers remotely to ensure your safety and development. After reaching level 4, you have a strong combat ability and can look for opportunities to kill enemy heroes.
2. Mid-term: Perform more roaming support, and cooperate with teammates to capture people or invade the enemy jungle. In team battles, find the right time to cut into the enemy's back row, and use combos to control and burst damage.
3. Late Stage: In team battles, Mulan can choose to go around or cut in from the flank, and give priority to killing enemy output heroes. The hegemony and damage-free effects in the heavy sword form should be used reasonably to avoid the enemy's control skills and reduce the damage received.

VII. Game Awareness

1. Observe the small map: always pay attention to the position of the enemy hero, predict their actions, and avoid being caught.
2. Timing of entering the team battle: wait for the enemy's key control skills to be handed over before entering the field to ensure that a complete combo can be played.
3. Economic development: clear the line of soldiers and wild monsters in time to ensure that your economy does not lag.

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VIII. Summary
Mulan is a hero with a high operation ceiling. She needs to master the switching and combo skills of the two forms, and have good game awareness and team cooperation ability to exert her maximum power on the battlefield. With more practice, I believe you can kill everyone with Mulan in the game!

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