A 1920s Inspired Dress for any Classy & Elegant Wedding

Camilla, an instructor at a boarding school, and Rob, who works in financial technology, tied the knot on 27th July 2019.



The bridesmaids wore pink gowns and the bride-to-be looked resplendent inside a beautiful beaded wedding gown.

Camilla's bridesmaids looked pretty in blush bridesmaid dresses throughout the wonderful. We adore Maids to Measure – they recently launched an attractive new assortment of floral bridesmaids' dresses.

The groom and the groomsmen all looked incredible at the time, some, within their army uniforms, others in traditional morning suits.

"Rob wore his morning suit, substituting the dark trousers for many trousers in Campbell tartan. He also carried his army sword."

"We first met through friends in the Rugby Sevens at Twickenham in 2015. Rob says I was very rude to him: I didn't believe he is in the army making him show me his ID card."

He added me on Facebook, but we didn't see one another again for 1.5 years, as Rob has been posted to Cyprus. Fast forward to autumn 2016, we saw one another again at a drinks party."

"No it's possible to remember who designed a move on whom, but we arranged to take a date right after. On this date, Rob dropped the bombshell he was about to become deployed to Afghanistan."

"He spent six of the very first eight months in our relationship in Kabul, where we spoke most days on Skype – dodgy internet permitting – and wrote letters one to the other."

"Rob left the army soon after and we moved right down to Kent for my teaching job."

Camilla's father accompanied her into the chapel.

Camilla decided on a 1920's inspired beaded dress by FeelTimes, which she says was built with a lovely choice of dresses along with a beautiful showroom.

"I wanted an outfit with a vintage feel to suit my plans for any 1920s/30s aesthetic. The dress appeared like an obvious choice: slim-fitting, batwing sleeves, and plenty of beading – I felt like something from Downton Abbey when I used it on and I just knew it had been 'the one.'"

"Rob proposed in June 2018. He required back towards the restaurant in Greenwich where we'd our first date, then, throughout a walk through the river, he brought out a letter by which he inquired about to marry him."

"Our wedding favors originated from my friends' lavender farm, which is local to us in Kent and where I've worked in the past."

The couple's first dance ended up being to Carly Simon's 'Nobody Does it Better'…

"I couldn't pin our favorite part from the day right down to just one moment – I enjoyed going for any short punt trip with Rob – it had been lovely to invest ten minutes alone together. Also, it had been amazing the rain held off for the whole from the outdoor drinks reception – it started raining because the last guest went set for dinner!"

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"In all of the wedding planning itself, make certain not to neglect planning the actual marriage. Rob and I continued a special date night once a month within the year running up to the wedding, where we discussed our hopes and dreams for wedded life: our expectations around children, family, work/life balance, money – take your pick, we discussed it! I think it helped us lay the foundations for which will hopefully be considered a long and happy life together."

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