Do You REALLY Need A Bridesmaid?

Some brides-to-be like nothing much better than to be attended with a clutch of flowergirls and pageboys having a sprinkling of senior bridesmaids to help keep the children in order.

Some brides do. Some brides don't.

Some brides-to-be like nothing much better than to be attended with a clutch of flowergirls and pageboys having a sprinkling of senior bridesmaids to help keep the children in order.

Other brides? Well, they may have only one bridesmaid dresses to assist them to but that's all. Or maybe they're dispensing using the idea of using a bridesmaid altogether - they're the independent sort and feel they are able to do it simply by themselves, thanks to you.

We've spoke with past brides, wedding planners and our Facebook brides to determine what they thought. From our findings, we've drafted the following list of benefits and drawbacks for you to become thinking about. If you've any to include, please leave a comment below. (You should also take a look at our Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards.)

The Pros Of Having A Bridesmaid

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You've got somebody that will help you organise your special day (exercise which parts you're pleased to hand over)

You'll possess a hen party organised for you personally (this is the chief bridesmaid's job)

You'll also probably possess a bridal party organised for you personally

You've got somebody to secure your hand and laugh/cry with when you are feeling stressed and things aren't likely to plan

A good and honest friend who acts as the bridesmaid will explain straight your image in your wedding dress

You've got somebody that will help you get dressed in your wedding day

You've got somebody to organise the younger bridesmaids and obtain them in line for photographs

Your chief bridesmaid will hold a handbag for you personally with emergency supplies (tissues, makeup, tights)

When you get to your ceremony venue, your chief bridesmaid will straighten your dress and veil

Your chief bridesmaid will assure the wedding bouquets are displayed correctly at the marriage reception

Basically your chief bridesmaid is there that will help you make sure that everything runs smoothly

It's an attractive way of thanking your best friend since primary school for always being there for you personally - she's now likely to play a big part inside your wedding day along with you!

The Cons Of Having A Bridesmaid

Who would you ask? Is there anybody you'll upset by not asking them? How would you choose between two close friends?

We think you need to let your bridesmaid wear a frock she likes instead of choose it on her. Although you could offer her a selection of colours and designs to choose from.

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She could announce she's pregnant and also the baby might be due before your big day - so you may not be able to rely on her ( has some good maternity bridesmiad gowns though.)

You'll need to ensure you've chosen somebody who's organised and calm - a nervous bridesmaid could wind you up making things more stressful

You probably must buy your bridesmaid dress on her or at least contribute. So that's an expense for you personally.

You're also likely to have to purchase a bridesmaid gift from your budget (but take it from us, she'll have earned it!)

You will dsicover your bridesmaid being negative about your dress, your venue, the man you've selected to marry. In which case, we believe that you've probably chosen the incorrect girl to begin with.

What would you think? Do you think using a bridesmaid is essential? Did you manage without? Your thoughts please!

Don't worry in case your mother of the bride pantsuits springs a surprise you by suggesting she's pregnant. Take a look at some maternity bridesmiad gowns like this style which comes inside a rainbow of colours.

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