Top 9 Business Plan Writers in the United States

The business plan acts as a road map to help your business follow a clear path. It helps businesses avoid unnecessary detours or misdirection as they move into the future with this clear path. 

The time and effort it takes to write a business plan are often considered the first investment your company makes. This is a long-term investment that pays dividends and rewards on the back end.

Business ownership allows you to build a company from the ground up, and regardless of your background, you can find a way to make it thrive, even if it was previously owned. Your business can reflect your strengths.


Common Components of Every Business Plan

Almost every company requires a business plan writing service to help them create a plan that sets them apart from the competition. However, the following elements are present in all business plans. A typical business plan will include the following:


  1. Table of Contents and Title Page
  2. An executive summary that includes your business concept, financials, the amount of capital required, your current financial situation, and anything else relevant to your company.
  3. Your company will be described in terms of its industry.
  4. Description of the product or service, along with your competitive rating
  5. Prospects, pricing, distribution, and marketing strategies will all be defined by a market analysis.
  6. A competitive analysis is usually included to help determine the strengths, weaknesses, and competitors of your business.


You can also include any supporting documents such as resumes, suppliers, letters of reference, and more depending on what you determine makes your strongest financial need business case.


Professional Business Plan Writing Services

You need a business plan that stands out from the rest if you are seeking investors for your business. Below is a list of the best business plan writing services.


1. Wise Business Plans

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wise Business Plans provides business plan writing services. The company writes business plans for companies that are looking for venture capital and angel investors, as well as companies that want to apply for SBA loans, E2 visas, and L1 visas.

Wise Business Plans specializes in developing high-quality business plans. Their plans contain extensive market and industry research, and their plans are designed to attract investors. This company has been known for its speedy turnaround times. As well as UPS, Wise Business Plans works with many Fortune 500 companies. It has also partnered with the popular business plan software LivePlan to offer its customers business writing services.

Wise Business Plans Services

In addition, it offers professional studies, PowerPoint presentations, pitch decks, and straight market research.


2. The Plan Writers

The Plan Writers have been recognized as a top-tiered business plan writing service for assisting with the creation of an investor-friendly business plan. To date, they have over 3,500 investor-approved business plans, each of which is prepared by a top MBA expert.


3. Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans have members on staff who have worked for the Big Four accounting firms or have extensive experience in venture capital. They make business plans come to life so that when you present them to an investor, bank, or marketplace, it stands out from the crowd.


4. Cayenne Consulting

Cayenne Consulting knows how to create a business plan that scales with your funding requirements and can help your company reach new heights. Nothing propels a company forward more than one successful event at a time. Cayenne Consulting understands this and provides you with a business plan that ensures investors notice your company one step at a time.


5. Capital West Advisors

Capital West Advisors is a business advisory firm that also helps clients write business plans. Its mission is to provide high-quality business plan writing and capital introduction services at the most competitive prices in the industry. They are based in Los Angeles, CA.

Since 2006, Capital West Advisors has provided business planning and capital introduction services to hundreds of clients in a variety of industries across the United States and around the world. CWA charges a highly efficient rate of $100 to $120 per hour for its business plans. At a less efficient rate, most firms charge $125-$200 per hour.


6. Planit Business

PlanIt Business is a custom business plan writing service that specializes in business plans for funding. Their team consists of full-time in-house writers and analysts with prior experience in Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Fortune 500; start-up and entrepreneurial experience; and writing their own business plans to raise capital.


7. Growthink

Growthink has been in business since 1999, and with over 4,000 business plans under its belt, they know how to write a business plan that meets your company's strategic objectives. Growthink's business plan writers have earned degrees from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. They also understand how to develop business strategies that will help you succeed now and in the future.


8. Way2Markit

Way2Markit is a business consulting firm that assists your company throughout its entire lifecycle. They offer a variety of services, including everything from business plans to software development. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your strategic business initiatives.


9. OGScapital

OGScapital is a group of seasoned professionals who assist entrepreneurs in developing a well-written business plan as well as other services. In 2006, a group of eight senior business experts founded the company. Their primary goal as professional business plan writers has always been to assist startups and small businesses in moving to the next level, assisting them in achieving their goals and becoming market leaders.


Bottom Line

The cost of creating business plans is high, but they can pay off in the form of additional investment, secured loans, visas, or a clear direction for the future of your company. You should know what type of business plan is appropriate for your company when conducting your research. Business plan writing services reviewed offer decades of experience, high-quality reports, and reasonable prices.

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