A beginners guide to building materials and their use

This practical guide explains the use of building materials and is aimed at anyone who ever wanted to know more about them. The book looks at all common types of building materials, including timber, metals and plastic, paper and textiles, masonry (stone, concrete and brick), glass ceramic

Takes a beginners approach to building materials, explaining the different components and their application in a structural and non-structural capacity. Covers timber, concrete, masonry, steel and glass and discusses their different methods of use. The book offers practical advice about what to look for when buying or using each product, offers advice about basic maintenance and repair work and highlights the importance of sustainability. It is an informative manual that no homeowner or professional should be without.'

This practical guide will take you from a thorough grounding in the science and engineering that goes into the manufacturing of building materials, through to how those materials should be used. Written with clarity and insight by an industry insider, it is packed with tips for site practice

Basic Building Materials offers a concise, readable coverage of the essential building materials used in construction today. It includes detailed discussions of concrete, steel, masonry, woods, plastics and composites, glass and insulation. Describes the physical properties of each material including strength and elasticity, heat transfer and thermal conductivity, decay rate, fire resistance, sound transmission and abrasion resistance.

There has been a great deal of change in the construction industry over the past few years, and advances in product knowledge and methodology have resulted in buildings which are more energy-efficient, durable and cost-effective than ever before. The Building Regulations themselves have changed significantly and this new edition brings all the changes up to date. As with earlier editions, materials which have a bearing on the choice of construction type are dealt with in separate chapters, grouped broadly according to their physical properties, giving comparisons between their relative merits and disadvantages

Familiarize yourself with the building materials most commonly used in home remodeling with this informative guide. It is the perfect reference for do-it-yourselfers, construction professionals, and those taking design classes.

Not surprisingly, this book is one of the most popular texts in schools of architecture. It doesn't let you down as builder, either. It provides a clear, detailed and genuinely useful guide to materials and their use. There are some welcome additions in this latest edition. The section on sustainability offers up-to-date guidance to a topic that is at last winning some prominence, while the section on concrete technology has been enhanced...

If you've ever looked at a building and wondered why it looks the way it does, or how it's held together, then this is the book for you. This Beginners Guide explores all the different components of a structure and explains how they fit together to form the larger whole. It will teach you about building materials, construction methods, and how to spot problems from poor design and construction on existing buildings. Apartments in Mysore Road is are very much constructed with quality material used.

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